Our Drips

Our Custom IV Therapy drips are loaded with essential vitamins, nutrients & antioxidants to help with energy, immune support, pain relief, weight loss, wound healing, recovery and overall health & wellness. Unlike oral vitamins, IV vitamin drips bypass the digestive system and deliver nutrients directly into the bloodstream allowing a higher absorption rate at nearly 100%. 


Rehydrates & replenishes your body with IV fluids and electrolytes (no vitamins).    

Energy Boost

Improves your energy & alertness, while combating symptoms associated with fatigue. Ingredients: B-Complex vitamins     $299

Immune Boost

Strengthens your immune system to combat illnesses and increases your overall health and wellness. Cold & flu booster. Ingredients: B-complex vitamins, Vitamin C,  Zinc.                 $299

*Super Immune with glutathione push                    $349


Instant Hangover Relief. Resolves nausea & headaches. Reduces symptoms of dehydration, improves mental recovery & the ultimate liver detox. Ingredients: high dose vitamins, antioxidants, zofran.         $299

*Premium Hangover w/Torodol

Meyers Cocktail

The Gold Standard of IV vitamins and minerals to restore balance, boost your immune system, increase energy and overall quality of life. Ingredients: B-Complex (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6) B12, magnesium chloride, calcium & vitamin C                                      $299


Restores essential vitamins & minerals and detoxes your system while supporting tissue repair. Ingredients: Vitamin B-complex, mineral blend, vitamin C.    


Improves muscle recovery, prevents lactic acid build up and alleviates acute and chronic pain. Ingredients: B-complex vitamins, amino acid blend & vitamin C. 

Beauty Glow

Hydrates skin from the inside out, reduces inflammation (acne flare up), fortifies hair, skin & nails and produces an all-natural skin glow. Ingredients:high dose glutathione, biotin, vitamin C.     

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