Semaglutide Weight Loss Injections

                          Safe & effective medical weight loss program to help you achieve your weight loss goals! 
        Semaglutide (most known by its brand names Ozempic & Wegovy) is a weekly prescription injection for adults with BMI (Body Mass index) outside a healthy range. This miracle injection contains a peptide that reduces your appetite by mimicking a hormone, signaling your brain that it’s full, so you eat less calories. It also works by slowing stomach emptying so you feel fuller on small portions and are satisfied longer between meals. In addition, it helps your body use glucose more efficiently & effectively. Studies have shown the average patient taking semaglutide injection loses about 35 pounds over the course of 6 months. At Hydration Station we encourage combination therapy with a reduced calorie diet and increased physical activity for optimal long term weight management. 
          To get started you will discuss a medical history, to make sure the medication is right for you and have any necessary blood work drawn. Once you are cleared by your health care provider, your medication will be ordered. You will have a pickup appointment to go over proper injection technique and will have the choice of convenient at home self-injections or in-office visits. We are here to help you crush your weight loss goals! You will have follow up appointments as needed, to monitor your treatment All consultation are complimentary! 
 *Please Note: We do NOT use any products trademarked by pharmaceutical companies. The Semaglutide and Tirzepatide we use with our patients are made in state-of-the-art US-certified compounding pharmacies.  Our compounding pharmacies guarantee the safety and purity of these products, and we have had incredible results in our patient population. Due to the current shortage of the pharmaceutically branded forms of Semaglutide and Tirzepatide, compounding pharmacies have been given the okay to create the compounded forms of Semaglutide and Tirzepatide. Once the pharmaceutically branded forms of these medications are removed from the shortage list, compounding pharmacies will no longer be able to create compounded versions.

Semaglutide Dosing Guide

Please read the label on your vial for your concentration!

 2mg/mL CONCENTRATION~1mL vial
 .25mg= 12.5 units (0.125mL)
 .5mg=25 units (0.25mL) 
1mg=50 units (0.5mL)
 1.7mg= 85 units 
 2.5/mL CONCENTRATION~ 2mL Vial 
.5mg=20units (0.2mL)
 1.0mg= 40 units (0.4mL)
 1.7mg=68units (0.68mL)
 2.4mg=96units (0.96mL)
 5mg/mL CONCENTRATION~2 ml Vial
 .25mg = 5 units (.05mL) 
.5mg = 10 units (0.1mL)
 1mg= 20 units (0.2mL)
 1.7 mg = 34 units (0.34mL) 
2.4mg= 48 units(0.48mL) 

 lnjections are subcutaneous once a week 
Vial must be refrigerated!
Please call for any questions! (949) 629-0055 

Beginning dose will be discussed in consultation and dose will be titrated at dose that is optimal for you!     

Tips for Successful weightloss

1.Eat a Balanced nutritious diet with fresh fruits & vegetables and healthy fats & proteins 
2. Regular Exercise with a combination of cardio and strength training. This helps with mental clarity
 3. Prioritize sleep- This is when your body heals & rejuvenates 
4.Mindful practice to balance stress 
5. Decrease alcohol & smoking 
6. Drink lots of water
7. Nurture relationships with Family, Friends & Community
 All these empower you to live a health life. 
Healthy Body! Healthy Life! 

Safe disposal of needles


All needles should be treated as if they carry disease. That means that if someone gets stuck with a needle they might worry about whether they have caught a harmful or deadly disease. You must be sure you get rid of your used needles the safe way to avoid exposing other people to harm. Orange County’s Household Hazardous Waste Collection Centers (HHWCCs) accept sharps for disposal. ( Residents should place the sharps in a heavy-duty, puncture-resistant container with a tight fitting lid. Examples of appropriate containers are empty plastic bottles such as detergent, liquid fabric softener or bleach bottles. Small sharps container can also be purchased on Amazon.

Below are 4 locations in Orange county for drive through drop offs.

*Anaheim Collection Center -- 1071 N. Blue Gum Street, 92806

*Huntington Beach Collection Center -- 17121 Nichols Lane, 92647, Gate 6

*Irvine Collection Center-- I6411 Oak Canyon, Irvine, CA 92618

*San Juan Capistrano Collection Center -- 32250 Avenida La Pata, 92675

Hours of Operation: 9am - 3pm, Tuesday through Saturday

(closed on major holidays and during rainy weather)

Telephone: 714-834-4000

**Traveling with Needles**

Never place used needles in the trash in hotel rooms, on airplanes, or in public restrooms, where they could injure the cleaning staff or other people. If you aren't sure that needle containers will be available where you're going, be sure to buy a small needle container that you can take with you to hold your used needles until you can throw them away the right way. You can also check The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Web site ( for up-to-date rules on what to do with your needles when you travel. To make your trip through airport security easier, make sure your medicines are labeled with the type of medicine and the manufacturer's name or a drug store label, and you may bring a letter from your doctor.

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